LtoR: Mark Quinn, managing director, EMR, Robbie Scott, UK & Ireland Channel Account Manager, Motorola. Picture: Maura Hickey.

EMR appointed Platinum Partner for Motorola Solutions in Ireland

Dunboyne, Co Meath, Friday, 16th November 2018:  Leading SCADA network and mobile telecommunications supplier, EMR Integrated Solutions today announced its appointment as a Platinum Partner for Motorola Solutions’ range of mobile radio communications systems in Ireland, the highest accreditation in the Motorola Solutions partner program.

The appointment recognises EMR’s expertise and success in delivering innovative two-way radio systems that connect customers with critical information in moments that matter.

EMR is one of only two Platinum partners on the island of Ireland.

The EMR team has a long-standing relationship with Motorola Solutions, stretching back to the early 1980s and has supplied two-way radio solutions to a wide range of business users in sectors including energy, manufacturing, local government, education, construction and hospitality.

Recent successes include a three-year framework contract with ESB Telecoms Services for the refresh of their digital mobile radio (DMR) network across 23 power stations nationwide.

Commenting on the accreditation, Craig Calvert, Motorola Solutions channel sales director for Northern Europe and Middle East said:

“Motorola Solutions has made great strides forward in the development of our Partner Program, PartnerEmpower, and we are very proud of what we have achieved so far. We are even more proud of our extensive network of partners across the whole EMEA Region that have decided to join us on our journey.

“I am delighted that EMR have now reached the highest level, being recognised and awarded the Platinum Partner status. This is testament to the management and staff at EMR and their continued focus and drive to provide top quality communications solutions that incorporate Motorola Solutions equipment. Congratulations to all involved.”

Motorola Solutions is a core part of the EMR business and one which the company is committed to developing into the future, as Mark Quinn, managing director of EMR explained:

“Significant sales, marketing and technical investment in the Motorola Solutions brand has really paid off for us and aligns with our strategy of providing best-in-class communications solutions to industry.

“Customers have responded very positively to the Motorola Solutions portfolio as evidenced by very strong revenue performance in our two-way radio business through 2018. We’re predicting continued growth into 2019 and beyond.”

The Motorola Solutions PartnerEmpower Program is recognised as one of the best channel programs in the industry.  It equips Motorola Solutions partners with the technical knowledge and commercial acumen to serve the complex needs of the company’s customers worldwide.


Pictured left to right above are: Mark Quinn, managing director, EMR, Robbie Scott, UK & Ireland Channel Account Manager, Motorola Solutions

ESB Networks chooses EMR for major refresh of digital mobile radio network


Leading telemetry and mobile communications provider, EMR Integrated Solutions today announced it has signed a three-year framework contract with ESB Telecoms Services for the refresh of a digital mobile radio (DMR) network.

Under the terms of the deal, EMR will supply, install, commission and maintain a mission-critical Tier III DMR network for ESB Generation and Wholesale Markets, allowing robust, reliable radio communications between the company’s 23 power stations. Over 400 handsets have been deployed to-date.

Commenting on the deal, Paul Friel, operations manager for ESB Telecoms Services said:

“I want us to be proactive rather than reactive in managing our radio networks and that’s what we’ve achieved with EMR through this contract.  We’ve moved to a fully integrated and managed system for everything from operations to evacuation and person location.  That’s innovation, that’s clever,” he said.

The network refresh, based on Motorola digital radio technology, was initially driven by an operational requirement for reliable, high performance inter-station communications, from hydro-electric power stations such as Inniscarra in Cork and Erne in Donegal to the hydro control centre in Turlough Hill, Co Wicklow.  It will now be extended to all power stations nationwide.

Many new features are being rolled out for the first time including Tier III trunking, which allows inter-station, radio communications via wide area links and an innovative person-location system, particularly critical for smaller power stations.  The system uses a series of wall-hung, wireless beacons, which record the radio’s signal as it passes and updates the mapping application at the location. If a user triggers an emergency alarm, they can be immediately located within the building.

“That’s lateral innovation where we’re using the radio system as a person-location system through a different technology,” said Mr Friel.  “We’re fully utilising the asset and it’s only been possible through the collaborative working relationship we have with the engineering team at EMR.  We share our problems with them and together we find a solution.  This approach has been very powerful for us,” he said.

Other technology ‘firsts’ include the deployment of a remote battery management solution, which allows ESB staff to ensure sufficient radio infrastructure power is available to all stations in the event of power outage.  In addition, work to integrate the radio network into ESB’s VoIP telephony system is well underway and this will see radio users connected to the voice network and able to make voice calls as they would with a mobile phone.

The selection of Motorola technology for the two-lot tender was a natural one according to Alan Feenan, sales director with EMR Integrated Solutions.

“ESB staff operate in the most demanding environment, where they’re exposed to damp, cold conditions for most of the year.  The Motorola portfolio of handsets and repeaters is extremely rugged and reliable.   Standardising on Motorola equipment also leveraged the ESB’s existing investment in their technology and end-to-end management of all DMR field assets is now a reality, thanks to deployment of centralised network management software at their telecoms operations centre,” he said.

Mr Feenan believes that this radio network is one of the most sophisticated and feature-rich currently in use across Ireland and the UK.


Pictured above left to right are: Alan Feenan, sales director, EMR Integrated Solutions and Paul Friel, operations manager, ESB Telecoms Services 

Editor’s Notes:  Tier III digital mobile radio covers operation in frequency bands of 66–960 MHz. Tier III supports trunking or voice, data and short messaging allowing inter-station communications across wide area network links.  Tier III compliant products were launched in 2012.

Pictured from left to right are: Dean Reardon, sales executive, EMR, Mark Quinn, managing director, EMR and Roddy Greene, general manager, Mondello Park

Mondello Park revs up its two-way radio comms with help from EMR

Leading network and mobile telecommunications supplier, EMR Integrated Solutions today announced a deal with Mondello Park, Ireland’s only international motorsport venue, to upgrade its digital two-way radio network.

Covering over 100 acres, the network streamlines handheld radio communications for 40 staff and helps to provide better customer service to the venue’s 140,000 annual visitors.  By purchasing rather than hiring radio equipment, the organisation has been able to slash ongoing communications costs, with a return on investment of less than 18 months.

Commenting on the deal, Roddy Greene, general manager with Mondello Park said:

“The move to digital radio provides a performance boost to our communications and gives us better coverage throughout the complex.   All track marshals, support crews, medics, gate staff and maintenance teams rely heavily on the radio network.  With race meets taking place every weekend between March and October and corporate events during the week, it’s the only way to communicate across the site.  It’s really important for us that the radios perform well,” he said.

EMR upgraded staff handsets to the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ DP1400 as Dean Reardon, sales executive with EMR explains.

“We chose the Motorola DP1400 digital handset for this project as it provides a rugged, high performance reliable portable communications solution, ideally suited for the high-use and demanding environment within Mondello Park.

“The new digital technology within the DP1400 handset allowed us to deliver a user friendly multi-channel communications network, which segregates voice traffic for the various track marshals, operations, gate staff and medical personnel during race events and enhances staff operations and visitor safety levels within Mondello Park,” he said.

This traffic segmentation works well according to Mr Greene and allows staff to rapidly respond to and manage any adverse events on site.

“We chose EMR as the price was right and the service they gave us was excellent,” said Mr Greene.  “They delivered on time, on budget and recommended a solution, which protects our technology investment.  We can add lots more functionality including lone worker protection if we wish.  When we make any capital investment in technology, we have to ensure a level of future-proofing and EMR helped us to achieve that,” he said.


Pictured from left to right are: Dean Reardon, sales executive, EMR, Mark Quinn, managing director, EMR  and Roddy Greene, general manager, Mondello Park


Reliable Digital Mobile Radio solution delivers ‘anywhere’ communications for ESB staff

Reliable Digital Mobile Radio solution delivers ‘anywhere’ communications for ESB staff

ESB staff at the country’s only pump storage hydroelectric power station enjoy high performance, crystal clear digital mobile radio, even in the deepest underground tunnels.

Turlough Hill, an underground, stored hydro power station is one of the ESB’s most critical generating stations as it’s the central control point for all hydro electricity generation throughout the country. It also has a unique ability to rapidly respond to step changes in power generation and consumption across the entire electricity networks.

Having deployed digital mobile radio (DMR) in Turlough Hill, which keeps staff in contact with central control from anywhere in the facility, the solution has been extended to all eight hydro stations in Ireland.

Business Challenge

Since coming on line, staff in the hydroelectric power station at Turlough Hill, which produces up to 290 megawatts of electricity, had experienced consistently poor radio coverage. The underground network of tunnels and galleries meant signal propagation was very ineffective resulting in communication black-spots.  This posed a problem for maintenance teams and operations staff and represented a significant health and safety risk for lone workers, as George Rathborne service delivery manager, telecoms services, ESB Networks explains.

“With a control room that’s manned 24×7 and a huge underground cavern that’s carved almost one kilometre into granite rock, an upper and lower lake and an outdoor transmission compound, you can imagine that radio coverage across the site is somewhat challenging. At Turlough Hill we wanted coverage for staff so that no matter where they are, they have communications with the control room,” he said.

The Solution

EMR’s radio engineers completed a comprehensive radio survey and designed a multi-channel solution based on Motorola MOTORTRBO repeaters, portables and fixed stations operating on a distributed antenna system, with the facility to connect to the ESB IP wide area network.  Three DR3000 repeaters provide six voice and data channels, facilitating the requirements of safety, maintenance and operations while staff were provided with DP3600 and DP4800 portables.

“The initial system installation at Turlough Hill proved so successful that it has been extended to all other hydroelectric power stations, essentially rendering it as a single system,” said Alan Feenan, sales director with EMR Integrated Solutions.


The solution immediately addresses the ESB’s concerns around health and safety issues and specific challenges in relation to lone workers.  The safety provided by the man-down capability and the speech clarity ensure that even in the highest noise environment, lone workers are in instant contact with the control room operators.

The IP connectivity between Turlough Hill and all the other hydros mean that a radio user in Cork or Ballyshannon can press TX to speak to any co-worker in any of the other stations.  Groups can be set up in such a way that staff can have a local or cross-hydro talk, with swapping between groups a simple undertaking.

“The coordination of activity has greatly improved with work groups having dedicated channels that allow them communicate without impacting on the safety or operations channels,” said Mr Feenan.

“There’s good buy-in to the system from the users,” said Mr Rathborne.  “In some of the stations they’ve expanded the functionality to include alarm notifications direct to the portables and lone worker tracking within the complex.

“We’ve also implemented a telephone interconnection so we can make and receive phone calls from the portable,” he said.

Why EMR?

“We have a strong relationship with EMR because they’ve dealt with us on a few different business lines over many years. They are technical sales people in the real technical sense and we would bring some of their staff to our customer meetings to talk through solutions.  EMR is in the solutions business as distinct from an equipment vendor.  We don’t want somebody who just sells us boxes,” said Mr Rathborne.

EMR Integrated Solutions today announced a contract with premium hotel, the Ritz Carlton – Powerscourt, to install a new radio-based digital communications system.

Ritz Carlton books EMR Solutions to install new digital radio communications system

Leading communications and network services provider, EMR Integrated Solutions today announced a contract with premium hotel, the Ritz Carlton – Powerscourt, to install a new radio-based digital communications system.  This system has been a tremendous asset to the hotel in maintaining a high level of guest service levels and enhancing staff efficiency within the hotel.

The system also overcomes difficulty of mobile, cellular coverage due to the mass concrete construction of the building.

Using the inbuilt digital technology of the Motorola platform, two channels were made available to the hotel, providing separate channels to security and household operations from a single system installation.

Commenting on the project, John Anders- Loss Prevention Manager with the Ritz Carlton said:

“EMR recommended the MOTOTRBO radio system to provide the necessary staff communications within the hotel. Having extended off site coverage to the adjacent estate facility buildings was a bonus to the system. Having two separate channels at our disposal was a huge benefit to our operations and the coverage and audio quality from the system are superb. The IMPRES battery system provides extended radio duration times during corporate events. Overall we are very impressed with this system and the service from EMR.”

EMR recommended the Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radio system for this communication system. A specialist digital antenna system was engineered to disperse the radio coverage down throughout the hotel and also provide extended off site coverage.

The audio from the radio is crystal clear and the new battery technology ensures extended radio operation times during extended shift duties for the staff.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel is one of Ireland’s luxurious hotels set amidst one of the most scenic estates in Powerscourt county Wicklow. The hotel offers guests a host of amenities including 200 guest rooms, luxury spa, two championship golf courses and a Gordon Ramsay signature restaurant.

EMR Integrated Solutions today announced a major contract with bread and confectionery provider, Cuisine de France to provide an on-site radio communications network at their manufacturing facility in Grangecastle, Co Dublin.

Cuisine de France selects EMR radio communications for Grangecastle manufacturing site

Leading voice and data infrastructure provider, EMR Integrated Solutions today announced a major contract with bread and confectionery provider, Cuisine de France to provide an on-site radio communications network at their manufacturing facility in Grangecastle, Co Dublin.

The system based on the Motorola technology platform provides high quality, resilient radio coverage between staff across the large, multi-building complex which comprises food processing, manufacturing and storage facilities.  A multi-channel operation for separate user group communications is also provided.

Commenting on the deal, Stuart Gavin of Cuisine de France’s purchasing department said:

“EMR recommended this system as it provided enhanced coverage levels throughout the complex. The system also supported future expansion when required which was an important feature as the site was expanding when we first purchased this system. The system has become essential for providing site wide staff communications and we were very impressed how the portable radios coped in the chilled storage areas. We heavily rely on this system that EMR recommended as it addresses our critical present and future site wide staff communication requirements.”

Twin Motorola DR3000 system repeaters were installed in key areas within the complex. This provides four operational channels for separate communication channels for the dedicated user groups. The new digital transmissions provides enhanced levels of in building radio coverage ensuring staff were kept in contact at all times.

The cold storage staff found this system extremely beneficial.

As the staff entered the fridge storage areas the radios were found to provide full system operation even in -16 degrees temperature levels. This ensured staff communication was never compromised in this high risk operation area.

Staff safety was also a major concern with the ability within the system for future upgrades for staff man down or lone worker safety systems when required. EMR recommended the new Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radio system for this system solution as this system catered for all of these system requests and also allowed for future system expansion within the complex.

The lightweight Impres battery packs allowed radios to be carried within the staff protective clothing for easy operation of the radios in this area even while wearing heavy protective clothing and gloves.

EMR Integrated Solutions today announced a deal with Dundrum Town Centre for the supply and configuration of a two-way radio communications system for the site.

Dundrum Town Centre enjoys retail therapy with purchase of two-way radio system from EMR

Leading communications and networks provider, EMR Integrated Solutions today announced a deal with Dundrum Town Centre for the supply and configuration of a two-way radio communications system for the site.

As Ireland’s largest shopping centre with over 140 shops, restaurants and 3,400 parking spaces, the communications system will be used to manage the various contractors on site, as the centre continues to expand and develop.

Based on Motorola technology, EMR recommended upgrading the existing system to the new Motorola MOTOTRBO digital radio system to provide the extended radio system coverage throughout the centre.

Commenting on the project, Eddie Ingle, security manager, with Dundrum Town Centre said:

“EMR supplied the initial radio system and when we expanded the centre buildings they helped to recommend a solution to address the black spot coverage issues. The MOTOTRBO digital radio system upgrade solution has been a tremendous success. The digital audio quality from the radio handsets is superb even in the high noise public mall areas. The Impres battery technology has reduced any of the previous battery duration and charging issues. We are extremely impressed by this system and value the service provided by EMR to Dundrum Town Centre.”

Several Motorola DR3000 system repeaters were commissioned to the existing specialist combining infrastructure and dispersed antenna systems throughout the complex. Utilising the new digital transmission system the result was an immediate signal improvement to all of the operational areas throughout the complex. All of the black spot areas unreachable by the older analogue system were now fully covered by this new digital system.

Further advantages of this digital upgrade provided enhanced off-site coverage levels extending to the old Dundrum shopping centre. As both the car park and cleaning contractors carry out duties within this location this new system allowed staff in both site locations to remain in contact at all times. The benefits of this additional coverage enhanced the daily safety and support levels to the staff in this remote location providing further value and efficiency from this digital system upgrade.