Why Optical Networking?

Why is a carrier network not the right fit for a power utility? Why is an enterprise network not suited for a rail communications network? The answer is simple: these solutions were not built for that purpose.  At EMR we design and deploy communications networks that are:

  • Simple

    Easy to set up and maintain with NMS makes network management child’s play

  • Multi

    Wide variety of interface cards for various industries
    Extensive layer2/3 protocol suite with support for delay sensitive applications

  • Non-Stop

    Redundancy on various levels – (fibre, PSU, network card,…)
    Suited for harsh environments with a product life cycle of 15 years

  • Tailored for industrial applications

    Built on MPLS-TP standard with sector specific requirements

  • Intuitive and simple

    NMS made easy
    Fast diagnostics with seamless support for legacy

  • Reliable operations in harsh environments

    Optimized network security with unmatched network resilience and rugged industrial design

Our Solutions

At EMR, we look at the requirements of each individual project and recommend the best technology fit for the application.

  • Fiber optic backbone using SDH/SONET as the underlying technology.
    We can offer a wealth of interfaces, unmatched availability and a powerful management system. Its simplicity in installation and maintenance is unprecedented. The latest generation offers extensive layer 2 and layer 3 capabilities on its Ethernet boards.
  • Solutions based on the latest MPLS-TP standard (Multiprotocol Label Switching – Transport Profile).
    This packet technology caters for deterministic traffic, sub 50 ms reconfiguration times and flawless IP transport. The nodes are connected with fibre or copper links in any physical topology.
  • Standalone routers which have been specially designed for SCADA and Telemetry, nevertheless are well suited to many different applications.
    Both standard Ethernet/IP and serial interfaces are available.

Why EMR?

Our design capabilities optimise your network-build based on either your own design ethos or existing topologies. We use best-of-breed active equipment to build LANs and WANs and specialise in the integration of legacy networks into an IP environment.

We know as well as anyone that the implementation of IP Networks into industrial environments requires specialist products and knowledge. Equipment should be designed to withstand extreme levels of temperature, dust, water, and high levels of electrical noise.

We supply and install solutions to withstand all of these environments and meet all industry standards (e.g. IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613 and NEMA TS2) that relate to ruggedness and/or performance of mission critical networks.

Our Partners

  • Ericsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, with about 40% of the world’s mobile traffic carried through our networks.
  • OTN Systems is dedicated to building superior networks for the industry. Its roots go back to the mid-eighties, when the team started with the development of an innovative networking technology matching the needs of the Siemens industrial divisions.  OTN Systems, has gained market leadership in specific industrial segments including metros, lightrails, oil & gas and mining. With its new product line XTran, the company is ready to take the next step, ready to become the most dominant player across all industries.
Ericsson and OTN are strategic partners for the optical networking business of EMR Integrated Solutions
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