The Requirement

As a DSU aggregator, PowerHouse Generation required an energy management solution to facilitate their participation in the single electricity market on the island of Ireland. Specifically, they needed a secure, efficient, compliant solution to enable them assist EirGrid and SONI to manage flexible capacity on the electricity network.

It’s vitally important for DSUs to adhere to strict codes of practice such as the grid code, an operational bible for transmission system operators. Having a strict set of rules and testing procedures means any energy management infrastructure would be subject to strict compliance with those codes.

PowerHouse went to market to seek an experienced development partner to deliver a bespoke energy management system, which would yield a top-end management view of energy usage of all its customers, and the all-island electricity grid.

“The primary project driver was to facilitate secure and efficient demand-side energy management on the island of Ireland and participation in the single electricity market.”

Sam Alexander, Technical Director, PowerHouse Generation

RTUs deployment from EMR

The Solution

Based on ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ (IIoT) technology, a custom-built energy management solution gives PowerHouse the ability to manage and control its clients’ power assets in the field. It can remotely withdraw them from or add them to the power grid as required.

The solution takes live data from internet-enabled field assets and delivers it to a centralised SCADA.

“We took the concept of IIoT and designed a secure, resilient telemetry network which would meet the stringent regulatory demands of PowerHouse,” explains Mark Quinn, Managing Director with EMR.

“Our LiveLog Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are connected to client-side power generators and electricity control panels and essentially act as
energy monitoring devices. They collect and despatch real time data via 3G/4G networks back to a centralised SCADA system located at PowerHouse’s NOC.  This facilitates data driven decisionmaking and staff can remotely control client participation on the grid as required.”

With two NOC nodes connecting to EirGrid in the South and SONI in the North, PowerHouse can manage its all-island business easily and cost effectively.

“The solution from EMR was custom-designed and built for PowerHouse. It contains some unique features that set us apart from the competition.”

Sam Thompson, Managing Director with PowerHouse Generation

Solution at a Glance

  • Design of a secure, resilient telemetry network

    Built on foundations of reliability and resilience

  • Deployment of EMR’s LiveLog Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

    Connected to client-side power

  • Collection and despatch of real-time data via 3G/4G networks

    With real time delivery back to a centralised SCADA system located at PowerHouse’s network operations centre

  • Configuration of SCADA based on Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform

    Yields real-time status control, alarming and reporting through a user-friendly software interface

PowerHouse Generation are benefitting from a custom-built energy management solution from EMR Integrated Solutions.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Flexible, agile control over assets in the field
  • Remotely manage a combination of load shedding or generator activation
  • Complete network visibility with real time reporting via user friendly web interface
  • Adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Unique features build competitive advantage
PowerHouse Generation are benefitting from a custom-built energy management solution from EMR Integrated Solutions.

The Benefits

The energy management solution, designed and deployed by the EMR team provides the core component to drive PowerHouse’s business model. It gives them flexible, agile control over assets in the field with the ability to remotely manage a combination of load shedding or generator activation.

A userfriendly web interface delivers complete visibility of their network at any given time. By pulling data back to the NOC in realtime, PowerHouse can easily fulfill its regulatory commitments to EirGrid and SONI by being able to report 48 times a day, 365 days a year.

With custom-development of the Ignition SCADA platform, PowerHouse enjoys lots of bespoke functionality, which helps it to build competitive advantage in a dynamic market.

The future-proofed approach taken by the EMR team also allows PowerHouse to extend their energy management functionality as an app to a smartphone or tablet.

“At this moment, I can open my iPad, load up the Ignition platform and do anything I want to do from anywhere in the world,” said Sam Alexander. “That’s real organisational agility.”

“The solution not only gives us secure, granular visibility into our clients’ energy usage but uses the power of IIoT to centrally control load shedding or generator activation from our Network Operations Centre (NOC). It makes the energy management process completely transparent to our customers.”

Sam Thompson, Managing Director with PowerHouse

Why EMR?

“We chose EMR as they have a solid track record of working with utility providers. As Ireland’s only Gold partner for Ignition and an organisation which had already delivered complex telemetry and SCADA projects throughout the British Isles, we felt our fledgling business was in a safe pair of hands.”

Sam Alexander, Technical Director with PowerHouse Generation

About PowerHouse Generation

Trading since June 2015, PowerHouse Generation was the first Demand Side Unit (DSU) operator to work across both sides of the Irish border.  With 70 years of combined industry experience, it allows organisations to earn revenues from participating in the DSU scheme with PowerHouse Generation, an all-Ireland, original Demand Response Aggregator.

The company works in association with System Operators like EirGrid (the state-owned electric power transmission operator in Ireland) and SONI (its equivalent in Northern Ireland) to give large commercial energy consumers payments for simply having the ability to reduce their electricity demand on the Grid and by participating in the new DSU scheme.

In its engagement with endclients, who range from public limited companies to individual hotels, PowerHouse assesses the economic and technical feasibility of the site to participate in demand
response, manages the client’s DSU application and market entry test, oversees all dispatches if demand reduction is called upon and administers the capacity payments to the client.

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